Christ the 2nd (christobel) wrote,
Christ the 2nd

John Wick Chapter (spoilers)

So went to go see John Wick Chapter 2 yesterday. Figured I'd give my 2 cents on it. I loved the first one. Didn't catch it in theaters,  just assumed it was more stylized Keanu action stuff. Eventually  I bootlegged it, had it on my computer for a while and one day when Jared was over we watched it and I absolutely loved it because it was a throwback action/vengeance film with very well done action.

The honest trailer says it all.

So I think JW2 is one of those cases of the sequel to a good movie being even better. Though it's kinda hard to say because they feel like 2 parts of the same movie. I had read that 2 takes play only 4 days after the first. Honestly you couldn't tell, it felt like it. Could've been the next day.

They tied up the loose ends with the Russians by having Reek's uncle in possession of the car, and it allows this film to start with action unlike the first. Plus we get Peter Stormare playing the same character he always play, Russian guy. They wrap up the story from the first movie and then set up the story for this movie.  I like how this movie takes something introduced in the first movie, him getting out of the business,  to propel the events of this movie. Really makes the 2 movies feel like 1. Was really glad the dog didn't die this movie. That's a beautiful pitbull, and so well behaved.

I loved how they fleshed the assassin society stuff,  Common and Ruby Rose were good in their roles. We got Darth Maul as the Sommelier. Some good Larry Fishburne action, but no Matrix reference.

Oh and the action, lots and lots of good action.  Better than the first. Good gun stuff, good knife stuff, and lots of hand to hand.

The ending left room for a sequel. I'm OK with a sequel or the prequel series they were supposedly considering. All in all the movie was about flawless. Great throwback action film.

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